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  1. Thanks for getting back to me! I take it end of June. Good luck!
  2. I haven't either which is strange because its been over 2 weeks. Im not sure if they batch things
  3. Did anyone received an email from them after being verified? To confirm they received your application
  4. Thanks for responding. I got the same email too and have yet to take the CASPER so fingers crossed!
  5. Following! Verified May 11th. Does anyone know if they wait for CASPER score to review your whole application?
  6. Still currently applying this cycle... I. was a MLS for 5 years, renewing my certificate with the off chance of not getting in this year. The first part of my CLS career I was drawing blood in the ER so that part counts as my PCE but most of my CLS career falls under HCE. I wouldn't worry so much about schools that are "MLS friendly", having laboratory experience is a huge advantage in your part and you should be proud of that. You just have to solidify your experience that would include patient care versus health care experience and if you are lacking in one, then focus on that. For example, I became a back office MA to fulfill more of my PCE, also volunteered a lot in the community or private orgs. Some of my lab friends focused more on phlebotomy and used that narrative as their main patient care experience. So it all just depends...Since im an older applicant, I had to retake some of the prerequisites because some schools want it taken within 5-7 years. You can do many things with the lab, just be creative with what you make of it when it comes to being a competitive applicant.
  7. I'm still currently applying to PA school and will have to renew my certification. I will probably keep renewing as a back up for some chance I don't get in. However, once I become a PA then I don't see a reason to renew it.
  8. @LLthefuturePA thanks for getting back to me. For the update after April, did you attach a letter or simply an email response with your updated hours/courses/expereinces?
  9. Hi @LLthefuturePA @kdelemos I just found out I got waitlisted and I wanted to see to ask some questions regarding the waitlist process. Did you find out 1.5 month after or do they wait until May when they're done with ALL the interviews before going down the waitlist? Also, when it comes to updating them with your application, was it in a letter format attached in the email or more like CASPA application? I hope to hear from you soon.
  10. If anyone wants to go to the meet and greet today and needs a ride. Please message me I’d be happy to pick you up lol
  11. Does anyone know if they email you for interviews or is it snail mail? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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