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  1. I interviewed on 12/15 and I’m still waiting to hear back! Anyone else still waiting? Not sure if I should send an email asking for an update or not!
  2. Hello, I was accepted to the LMU harrogate campus but could not attend the informational session today due to work! Could anyone give a brief overview of what happened today please? :)
  3. Has anybody received a schedule for tomorrow's interview yet? Looking at previous posts, I'm guessing they send them out on the day of the interview
  4. After I confirmed my interview, I received an email from them stating "More information will be sent out soon regarding the interview day and schedule within the next week" on November 11th but I never received this email! Anyone else in the same boat?
  5. I'll go ahead and start this thread. Anyone else applying this cycle?
  6. I received an interview invite for July 9th! What are your thoughts on the program?
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