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  1. Hamxo97

    VA HPSP 2020

    Can you explain what exactly the clinical tour entails and how often you do it please
  2. Hamxo97

    VA HPSP 2020

    Hello, thank you for this information. I am doing research on this scholarship since I have just received my acceptance letter for PA school. I am interested in learn more details about the clinical tour involved. What exactly does that entail? Is it doable during the didactic year of PA school? Any information helps, thank you!!
  3. I got my acceptance letter yesterday! Yay! I am so excited! I have a question though, does anyone know about the Summer Preparedness and Readiness Course (SPARC)? Is it required for incoming PA students? Just wondering because I live across the country and need to know when to prepare to come unless they offer that online. Thanks in advance!
  4. I have not yet! Probably next week I would think And hopefully it wont delay anything
  5. Does anyone know When they stop doing interviews? Still haven’t heard from them
  6. Just got an interview invite! They had two options, this Wednesday 2/13 or Friday 3/6. I chose March bc short notice. Anyone else??? Ahhh can’t believe it! So excited
  7. Applied in May and still waiting to hear! I hope I get an invite to interview!
  8. I was put on the waitlist to interview on 12/17... I hope I get an invite.
  9. What are some examples of leadership experience that they want? If people don't mind sharing their examples that would be great!
  10. Hello! Does FGCU require a letter to be from a PA? I saw on the website that "one shall be from a PA"... so I was not sure if that is required or if it is listed as an option. TIA
  11. Hello future PA friends! First time applicant here! I recently applied to PA schools and submitted May 31st. I applied to 10 schools, some that require GRE scores with NO minimum score and some that do not require the GRE at all. My stats are good and I have over 3 years HCE with shadowing and volunteer experience as well. My GRE scores are below average however, which is my fault, I took the GRE last minute during midterms and did not study enough! Do schools who do not require a certain score/percentile really take your GRE scores in consideration?
  12. Still patiently waiting! Really hope to get an interview invite!
  13. Hello! My name is Haley. Submitted CASPA May 31st and was quickly verified. I received an email from this school on June 4th saying they have received my application! Also waiting for good news!!! Best of luck to all
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