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  1. Hi! I'm a first year student at South! I added South onto my app around this time last year & got accepted! You never know until you try! Best of luck to you!
  2. Hey, I am a current student in the program! We do use the Mercer School of Medicine cadaver lab for A&P. Since we do share with the med school, we do not have to spend time dissecting at all. The med students dissect the cadavers and they are then available for us to use. I personally prefer it to be this way because we don't have to spend all of that extra time trying to expose the structures we want to study.
  3. Hey! I am a current student & I added this program after submitting all of my other apps. It ended up being about 2 weeks before the deadline and I got an interview the week following my verification. It is definitely possible!!
  4. Feel free to DM me! I am a current first year student
  5. I started in January, so I haven’t been in the program for too long. We’ve also been entirely virtual since mid March & we don’t really know when we are going back at this point. Soooo unfortunately, that means opportunities are kind of at a minimum for right now. That was basically a long answer for no I haven’t lol
  6. I don’t speak for admissions by any means. With that being said, there is no minimum GRE score required but they do prefer applicants with scores in the 50th percentile or above. South does a really amazing job at considering each applicant as a whole & not just focusing on stats! I hope that is at least a little helpful! Best of luck to you!
  7. Hey everybody, I just figured I would create a thread for this year's application cycle since CASPA is opening soon! I am a current student at South and I have loved everything about it so far. Good luck to all of you who are applying this year and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!
  8. South has a very relaxed interview style. They really do their best at trying to make everyone feel comfortable! The first day you will be able to meet a lot of the faculty and spend some time with student ambassadors. Take advantage of this time to ask questions and make connections with everybody that you can. The interview day did a morning group and evening group then each of those were broken down into smaller groups of 6 (if i'm remembering correctly). You will have 2 one-on-one interviews with faculty members and they genuinely try to make the process feel like a conversation. They are
  9. I just contacted Duke to ask about my application status. They said that it has been reviewed and they are not finished interviewing so I will receive a decision within the next "few weeks or so" .... I'm not getting my hopes up quite yet but at least it's not a denial yet LOL
  10. Has anybody been accepted off of the active list yet? Does anybody know if they start accepting off the active list at a certain period of time during the cycle?
  11. I still haven't heard back from the 9/17 interview. I'm becoming a little worried now. I'm thinking about checking in with them at the end of next week. Has anybody else not heard anything back from that interview day??
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