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  1. All I have received thus far is an email with a link containing an acceptance form that needs to be filled out within two weeks.
  2. Received the acceptance call about an hour ago. I interviewed on 10/14
  3. Congrats!! Did you interview on July 19th?
  4. Did you ever end up emailing them and asking? If you did, what did they say?
  5. Waitlisted as well. Does anyone know how many students from the years past are put on the waitlist? and how many are usually taken off?
  6. I forfeited my spot in the program earlier this morning. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the staff during my time at the interview, but I have chosen to accept a position at another program.
  7. I just got pulled from the waitlist. Very exciting!!
  8. I received an invite to interview an hour ago. I am so excited to interview at RMUoHP!!
  9. Has anyone been contacted for an interview date since receiving an interview invite!?
  10. I also received an interview invite today. Very exciting!
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