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  1. Just got my rejection email. It’s okay! Best of luck to everyone waiting to hear back!
  2. I haven’t heard a thing either and I applied mid-May, at this point I’m expecting a rejection, but I’ve already been accepted elsewhere so my feelings are neutral haha!
  3. Just received an invitation to interview on November 20, 2020 - I will be declining my interview invite as I have already been accepted elsewhere. Best of luck to everyone interviewing and to those still waiting!
  4. Just received an email for an interview invitation for November 6, 2020. I will be declining as I have already been accepted to my top choice. Best of luck to everyone else interviewing and congratulations to those accepted! My CASPA was verified on May 11th, and I applied to Drexel on June 11th. This is the first I've heard from them since then!
  5. Just withdrew my seat acceptance to South as I was accepted to my top choice program! Best of luck to everyone on the waitlist!
  6. I just declined my interview seat as I have been accepted to my top choice program, the University of Florida - the exact opposite of Anchorage in terms of lifestyle, climate, and location haha! Best of luck to everyone interviewing here and elsewhere!
  7. I sent in my acceptance form and deposit this weekend! Officially official!
  8. Just received a rejection email! I've been accepted to my top choice elsewhere, so it's all good! CASPA previously verified May 11th, submitted app to UTSW on May 25th. Out-of-state applicant cGPA: 3.11 sGPA: 3.54 Last 60 credit hour GPA: 3.85 PCE: 8,000+ hours as an Army medic, medical assistant, and endoscopy technician GRE: 314 (156 quantitative, 158 verbal, 4.5 writing) Volunteering: 50+ hours with my city's Parks, Open Space, and Trails Department Shadowing: 0 hours LORs: 1 PA, 1 healthcare supervisor, 1 A&P Instructor
  9. Yeah, I agree with @LianaJawad. Be well versed in the bread and butter questions of PA interviews - why you want to be a PA, why PA versus MD/NP, challenges you might face as a PA, etc. These are questions you’ll see in any interview though, not specific questions to UF. The interview was definitely a conversation, I was talking about it between interviews with the other candidates because I was so pleasantly surprised at how fun it was. The faculty I interviewed with truly did want to get to know me as a person. It was very cool to hear personal stories and experiences from them, hear their opinions on questions they had asked me, etc. I also had ethical questions where I talked about both points of view, but ultimately picked a side and backed it up under pressure. It was a long two days between orientation and interviewing, but well worth it. They answered all the questions I had going in, plus a ton of questions I didn’t even know I had. The current students were all very candid about their experiences, too.
  10. I just got the call - ACCEPTED to the University of Florida PA program!! Interviewed September 14th and 15th. I literally cannot believe it, I am still in shock. I will definitely be attending. So excited to be a Gator PA!!
  11. I’m going to guess they’ll go out tomorrow or Friday, since it’ll be two weeks before the date. It seems like everyone got their invites for Sept. 12th on Friday two weeks before!
  12. This was definitely my experience during my interview yesterday. It truly felt like a conversation and less like a strict interview. They knew everything about my CASPA, but also asked some great questions about my experiences and who I am, and I felt very confident that they looked past the hard stats and really saw us as people, and not application packets. This is my current situation! Really hoping to hear back sooner than December! UF was my top choice before, but it is without a doubt my top choice after orientation and interviewing!
  13. Hey guys! As of right now, I plan to attend this interview. Anchorage was actually my second choice campus after Seattle, but I loved the city and Alaska. I was stationed in Fairbanks while I was in the Army as a medic. Currently living and working in my home state of Colorado as an endoscopy technician. I'll keep you updated, and try to keep October 1st open to meet up!
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