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  1. South does not have a supplemental application! I applied to South with an already-verified CASPA on May 14th, I got an "Application Received" email on May 18th, and then it was radio silence until an interview invite on June 11th. Also, South requires you to have submitted your CASPA by 8/1, but it does not need to be verified by 8/1, so you should be good to go.
  2. After much deliberation, I decided to cancel my interview with Arcadia this upcoming Wednesday, August 5th. I've already been accepted to a program that I am quite interested in, so I am in the fortunate position of being able to compare any interview offers against this one acceptance. Hopefully, one of you is able to get my spot - and I apologize for giving up an interview spot so close to the interview date! Best of luck everyone!
  3. My interview was split over two days, the first day being more casual and the second day being professional. For the first day I wore a suit coat, no tie, button down shirt, chinos, and dress shoes. For the second day I wore a full suit and tie with dress shoes and everything, as if I were going to an interview in-person. Just dressing up professionally gets you in the right mindset and brings an extra ounce of confidence. You really won't be wearing it for that long...
  4. Just received my second email asking for clarifying information, this time they required a syllabus for my microbiology prerequisite... fingers crossed for an interview after all of this!
  5. Just received my interview date/time for August 5th, from 12:30 pm to 12:45 pm MST. CASPA verified May 14th, Arcadia application received email on June 8th, interview invite on July 7th, interview finalization July 29th.
  6. My supplemental application was sent in on May 1st, and my CASPA was verified May 11th! I got an application received email on May 19th, a second level review email on June 11th, and then nothing until the additional information request this morning!
  7. Got an email from Ms. Kays this morning that my application was being reviewed, and the committee was requesting information on any additional volunteer hours I've gained since applying... ugh, UF has quickly become one of my top choice programs, fingers crossed for an interview!
  8. Just got an email from Barry stating my application was processed, nothing was missing, and it was currently under review by the admissions committee! CASPA verified May 14th, application received email on May 20th, nothing since then until today.
  9. I got an email stating my application was received on May 19th, then got an email about second level review on June 11th, and nothing since!
  10. South - Savannah interviewed and accepted me and I still haven't received further information on any of that. South - Tampa invited me to interview and sent all of that information to complete ASAP after sending the interview invite, but I declined my interview so I never started any of it. Sorry I'm not much help!
  11. Congratulations! What date did they offer you an interview for? Just curious on how much time in-between the offer and the interview.
  12. CASPer won't tell you anything. If you log back in to your account, it'll say "Scores - delivered" once they are sent. Mine took about 2 weeks, I took it on May 7th.
  13. Thanks! I was accepted at South University in Savannah, GA. I actually only applied to CMU as far as CO programs go, I'm looking for a change in scenery!
  14. I was verified on May 11th and have not heard anything... fortunately, I have been accepted to another program this cycle, but CMU was in my top 5! I live on the Front Range, however, so I think I might not be a first look if there are Western slope applicants! Best of luck all, fingers crossed we hear back soon!
  15. I submitted my verified CASPA on May 15th. It had been radio silence until July 2nd when I received the supplemental application.
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