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  1. Do you guys know if admissions reviews EVERY application? I submitted mine the first week of January (i know super late!!) and cant tell if they're close to filling up the class..... i was told it wasn't rolling but now cant tell with the silence!
  2. Hello! So I'm in your position as well and I have been thinking this over a lot. Two things about Downstate that personally made me lean more towards York is the fact that their PA program starts last week of May. Now considering that I will be graduating from undergrad around that same exact time, I know I will not feel nearly as prepared to start PA school as I should be. York on the other hand starts towards the end of august like any other CUNY school. Of course, this may not be a problem for you as it really depends on your timeline. Another thing to consider is the curriculum. Downstate requires about 30 more credits than York which was a little concerning to me. Considering that Downstate is only 27 months while York is 28 AND has 30 extra credits, I'm under the impression that Downstate is much more rigorous. But I definitely do understand that York is not the best in terms of appearance. Heck, I was pretty turned off by it too. The people and faculty however are so welcoming and current students love it there. I'm surprised by the bad reviews from past students of downstate..... I would love to hear other opinions as well!
  3. Hey guys, can anyone let me know if York is accepting on a rolling basis? I was always told that it is not rolling but since interviews are going out already, I'm a little confused...
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