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  1. I know many students struggle with their fees. They might even work a few side jobs to survive. Tuition fee, accommodation, food and healthcare all have costs and on the top of that you have to study hard to graduate. Have you thought about applying for scholarships? Or starting a side job at your spare time? Gaining some related work experience?
  2. Good luck to all. I know it would be a real challenge for everyone. Getting accepted is your first important milestone for your academic and professional life. Many students get help from experienced academic writers for their personal statement writing, application and supplemental essay. Always a wise chose to have a pair of fresh eyes to double check everything before submission.
  3. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the comprehensive list you have shared. Very informative and would be really helpful. I also just wanted to share this free online writing tools for anyone needs help with medical or academic writing.
  4. It's your first grad position and will give you extensive experience. You always better off to have something on your resume (especially related to your field). I would go for this position and will enjoy that rural environment. Because why not?
  5. Seems I missed this one. I recently had a pacemaker installed. I am getting my heard around Cardiology and Heart Diseases issues and would love to attend conferences / seminars if it's reasonable location wise. Please share details of future events.
  6. You should be more specific. Obviously I can't ask you to share your personal statement here. But you can contact me. I have helped many students with this. I might be able to have a look. But in general I would say avoid to sensitive issues on personal statement. However, it should stay personal and explain why you're a good fit.
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