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  1. Your major does not necessarily matter when applying to PA school as long as you have your pre-reqs, PCE, and other requirements. I would say if you really want to switch to the PA route to finish your degree, because you have to have a four-year degree to apply, and take the courses needed for the PA schools that you want to apply for.
  2. Sorry! I was not aware that "gap year" could not be used in other contexts, but I chose the PA route because I want to be a PA not an MD/DO. I was just searching for advice on the next steps to take considering I am only 17 and already a sophomore and I have a good amount of time to make different decisions.
  3. I am currently on track to go to PA school directly after college, but I want to know whether or not I should decide to take a gap year. I am only a college sophomore but I already have my CMA certification and working this summer in medical records. This fall, I also already have a job in line for a MA position and I will also be able to shadow the PA there. My question is am I rushing things? Should I just focus on my GPA or should I continue to work and shadow during the school year? Or would taking a gap year be the most beneficial?
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