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  1. The deposit was $1500. And I think I had 10 days after the day of my interview to pay it.
  2. Something else that may also give some of you hope: I was accepted here, paid my deposit, and joined the accepted student Facebook group. I then was accepted somewhere else and gave up my seat at South so I’m not in the group anymore, but I can see how many people are in it and it is less than 20. There may be a few that don’t have Facebook or haven’t joined the group yet, but that is still a lot of available spots to fill (I believe they said it will be a class of 45?). Just figured I would pass that along!
  3. I was accepted from the 9/13 interview and will also be declining my acceptance. Best of luck to everyone!
  4. I am having trouble deciding between two PA programs. School A: Great location New program (My cohort would be the second class, but the school has another location in a different city that has been around for years so it is modeled exactly the same as their established program and not entirely new) No cadaver lab and uses a virtual anatomy program instead (I was wary of this at first, but I have warmed up to the idea) Overall, I loved the feel of it- the faculty were awesome and I connected with my interviewers well, and the facilities are amazing. This was my only acceptance at the time and I excitedly put my deposit down a few weeks ago. Then, this week I found out that I was also accepted into a second program. School B: Not as interesting of a location More established program- continued accred. Nice cadaver lab, also really good facilities. Also had a nice feel, but I didn't think I really connected with the faculty The big difference: School B is $50,000 less in total tuition than School A. That is an incredibly significant tuition difference; I'm very fortunate that my family can afford either one so I won't have student loans to worry about, but I just think I would feel like an idiot for going to a much more expensive school just because I love the location and the people I met. I know that I won't have much time to be spending out exploring the fun city anyway, and with either school I will still end up as a PA and can move to that area if I really want to. I would be a little sad giving up my seat at School A, but I think that's because I've had weeks now of getting excited to attend there and making plans in my head for moving to that city. Frankly, School B is much better on paper anyway- it has the cadaver lab and likely higher quality clinical rotations/overall education because it has been around longer to work out the kinks. If I went to school A and there were bumps in the road due to how new it is, I don't want to regret not choosing the more reliable School B. I won't be disappointed to attend School B, as I know that it is probably the right decision, I think I just need some time to come to terms with the fact that the first school I loved isn't necessarily the best choice for me. I feel like I already know what my answer is, but a part of me still really wants to go to School A, and I don't even know exactly why. Just looking for anyone to weigh in on what you think, or if you have had a similar experience/decision.
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