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  1. Was waitlisted for interview last year. Noticed that due to large amount of applicants, it took some people last year more than 8 weeks to hear back. It took me about 12 to hear about being waitlisted. I don’t know if it will be same this year or not
  2. Received confirmation from Rush that my app was under review
  3. Last year: 3.19 science GPA, 3.27 CUM. Publication from internship, about 800 hours of scribe and EMT combined. Also had 3000+ hours of EKG tech, however, i don’t know if programs consider that as patient care hours rather than “healthcare experience” GRE: Verbal 76th percentile, Quant 54% Analytical 98th percentile This year: 3.23 science, 3.3 cum. 2000 hours+ scribe and EMT, plus publication. Also got a job as an Ortho Tech in the same orthopedic clinic I scribed at removing sutures, casting, splinting, etc. but was furloughed cause of COVID, so took 911 position as EMT in Baltimore City, and was also redeployed to ER at local hospital to help treat COVID patients. Letters of rec from 3 physicians who I scribed for, as well as orgo chem Professor, and 5th letter from EMT ops director that I worked for. Increased volunteer experience through my local fire department. Completely changed my personal statement and supp essays to include updated patient care experience. I also am submitting my application earlier this year as opposed to last year when I submitted in July and one of the pre reqs wasn’t even verified on my application. I interviewed in October of last year. Hope this helps!
  4. Confirmed by northwestern 6/1. Was waitlisted last year by the program, so fingers crossed for this year
  5. Okay, can I take the test still this week and add them to the list at a later date?
  6. I submitted my application 5/30. I am planning on taking the CASPer next week, however, I cannot find Rush under the listed programs on the CASPer website. Has anyone else encountered this problem as well? Good luck to everyone this year.
  7. I received that email a couple hours ago, and that my application had moved to the next Phase, so I’m assuming that means they received the scores as well. Thanks !
  8. Submitted and verified 5/28...for some reason my GRE scores were never received by Frostburg CASPA, but all my other schools had appeared in my CASPA. Did anyone else have this same issue? I emailed them just to confirm they have them
  9. Haven’t heard anything, preparing for another round of applications next month
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