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  1. NU definitely has pulled off its waitlist in the past, some years more than others
  2. I’m assuming they are just waiting to see how many people reject or accept acceptances so they can decide how many seats are available to offer people admission (no evidence on this, strictly my assumption). Considering the email we got said “early 2020” it’s hard to tell when we will hear back. Past forums, people weren’t notified they were on the waitlist till early February
  3. I received an email from Touro with information about their MSH program. I was not invited for an interview this cycle, and although I’m waiting on one post-interview response, I was curious if anyone has any information about Touro’s MSH program, and whether it would be worth looking into should I not be accepted anywhere this cycle. They say the MSH program would increase your chances at PA school, any thoughts?
  4. It was out of the blue today at 4pm. So, they emailed me first!
  5. Just got an email that responses and acceptance calls are delayed until Jan 5th due to the holidays, but that my app was still active. Glad to get a little update
  6. I would like to know the same thing, the waiting game is torturous
  7. Did they happen to mention how full the class was to anyone who got a call today? still waiting hear and interviewed on 10/14
  8. Invitations for interviews are sent by email, which is sent by Northwestern University (as opposed to a specific individual). Only acceptances are through phone calls, I got a call from a missed number from Illinois as well and freaked out so I understand the anxiety!
  9. Not 100% confident on that, but that’s just my assumption
  10. No, they have another interview December 2nd. So unlikely to have another round of calls before then. Most schools are on Thanksgiving break this week as well.
  11. I got the same email as well, applied right before the deadline, but my supplemental fee I think got processed a couple days after.
  12. Applied in July and haven’t heard anything, assuming I’m rejected by this point
  13. Do you mind sharing your stats? Interviewed on 10/14, and was expecting calls today now I’m worried since I haven’t gotten one
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