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  1. Welcome future classmate soon you’ll be added to the fb group and there’s a ton of info there and a link for a GroupMe with all of us in it trying to figure it all out!
  2. The group interview is usually just a discussion on a topic you’re given. They want to see how you work together it’s not bad at all
  3. Most likely yes! I just got a voicemail and called back. I interviewed 11/4 and got accepted!
  4. Oh wow yeah I still have not received that email. I’ll email them. Thank you!
  5. How long after you got invited for an interview did you hear back specifying what time? I have an interview October 2nd and was told I’d be getting another email with more information. I still haven’t heard anything I’m not sure if I should email back or wait until Monday?
  6. Turns out wasn’t September lol got an interview invite as well!
  7. I went to their open house and they said they don’t start sending out invites until September
  8. Anyone else just constantly refreshing their email hoping to hear something back? Lol
  9. I got verified July 12th and received the supplemental on the 16th. Also I think the later in the cycle it gets the longer it must take to receive it.
  10. Congratulations!!! That’s exciting. Did they call or email you? Also would you mind sharing your stats?
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