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  1. The only thing I have gotten since the interview is a thank you for coming out to the interview, and that within 2 weeks, we will receive notification.
  2. @DaynaMarie, I’ve been working since Friday and I don't get a day off until this incoming week Friday, so I am definitely busy. However, the anticipation is killing me, lol. I wonder if tomorrow we will get any notice.
  3. @amakkaoui, . I’ve been doing everything possible to calm myself down, lol. I’m just so excited!
  4. Well, if they didn’t send them out today, it can be that we made it hard for them to select 80 of us. Maybe this year’s candidate all brought something to the table making it a lot more challenging for them. Idk. I’m just trying to think why this year was different than the last 2 cycles.
  5. Good morning everyone, I wonder at what time they’ll start releasing the emails?!? We’ve been anxiously waiting for this day and now it’s here. HOW EXCITING Good luck to everyone!
  6. @FuturePA2022, Thank you for sharing your insight! I think I did well in the interview, but I feel a lot better that my application also is factored into the score. Regardless of the outcome, we proved we have what it takes. Best of luck to everyone.
  7. @FuturePA2022, Are you saying both because you are familiar with their interview process, or you assuming it’s both? I would think it’s both, too, but I thought they’re only looking at our interview score considering we all proved ourselves on paper. Either way, Friday could not get here any sooner.
  8. @patobe82 Same here! During the interview, I went to the bathroom to give myself a pep talk in front of the mirror. “Eye of the Tiger, Baby”! Lol So, I put my best foot forward, and I’m hoping my best was good enough. I am just happy we survived the interview process.
  9. @DaynaMarie,I agree with the aforementioned! We should be ourselves considering we have already proved ourselves on paper. Good luck to everyone.
  10. Hey everyone we are getting closer to our interview days! I’m excited and quite nervous. I am also prepping for the most common questions, but I wonder if they’re going to ask a lot of behavioral and situational question considering we all were tested for this type of questions through the CASPer test. Nevertheless, I cannot believe that the moment we have busted our butts for is right around the corner!
  11. Hello everyone, Congrats to all of those who got an invite! I got my invite on June 3rd , and I signed Up for the July 12th morning session. I will be in the area on Thursday. I’m flying in from Miami, FL. Hope we can meet Best of luck in all your endeavors.
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