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  1. thought this forum was supposed to be a support thing??? unlike your sarcasm. By not much I meant my experience. but take it as you would.
  2. are any interviewees willing to share stats?? Would help. Got my confirmation today and I’m curious
  3. submitted my application around the time it opened...still no word. anybody hear back yet?
  4. Hi everyone! Just applied. This is my first application cycle and I'm super nervous. Anyone mind sharing their stats? Any interviews offered yet??
  5. Hey guys! I submitted my application and haven't heard anything either. Mind if we share some stats?
  6. Just submitted my application! Yet to receive any additional information. Anyone wanna share stats? Getting really nervous and am not sure what to expect.
  7. Just applied! Good luck to everyone. My stats: Science GPA: 3.924 Cumulative: 3.915 Experience: 2000 hrs ED Scribe; 50 hours shadowing PA Not much but hoping to get in!
  8. Applying now! Good luck to all. Anyone do their personal statements???
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