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  1. I am a current Yale PA online student and got to know some of you in the SA information session that was held on Thursday night. It was nice meeting those that were in my session. I remember the feeling a year ago of not knowing and waiting anxiously for the decision! Good luck to you all today and don’t forget to take the moment to celebrate when you do get that phone call!
  2. Congrats to those who have been accepted!! I am currently a first year PA student at Yale's PA Online Program and I am beyond blessed that I am a part of such a fantastic program. I was in all of your shoes not too long ago; I clearly remember the day I got the phone call that changed my life forever. If you have any questions at all please DM me! Good luck to those still hearing back, sending positive vibes your way!
  3. Accepted as well!! Got the phone call yesterday! LOVED this program so so much!! However, I just put my deposit down for another program. Hopefully, my spot goes to one of y'all! Congrats to everyone who was accepted!!! Loved meeting y'all at interview day!
  4. Alternate list! However, got accepted to Yale's PA program so I'll be heading there next year. Good luck to y'all!
  5. Yaaayy! Got accepted to the program yesterday. Can’t wait to meet y’all!
  6. Hey y'all! Congrats on your acceptances! Hopefully I will be classmates with all you amazing people! I have an interview coming up and I was wondering what I should expect (was it easy going? how should I prepare)..please let me know as this is my #1 choice! Thanks!
  7. Interview invite for 9/5/2019! yay, so excited! How is everyone preparing for the interview?
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