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  1. Awesome! Same here! A previous student told me that for the first unit we have to be in Winston-Salem that we will be staying in suite style undergraduate dorms (undergrads won't be there for the summer session) and get free parking. Message me and I can add you to the facebook page!
  2. Has anyone else gotten this email? I haven't gotten anything at all!
  3. Will you both be on the Winston Salem campus? I'll be at Boone!
  4. I'll be giving up my interview spot at East Falls on 11/13, but good luck to everyone interviewing and congratulations to all that have been accepted!
  5. I got a second email with a link that works!
  6. I didn't get a confirmation email, I took screenshots too!
  7. When you get your acceptance call you have by the end of the day to let them know if you have extenuating circumstances that would place you on one campus or the other (family, previous housing, etc.). The next day you'll receive an email with your formal acceptance letter and which campus you're assigned to!
  8. Has anyone called to ask when we may hear? I remember them saying we should hear 2 1/2 - 3 weeks after the first interview date but we could call and follow up.
  9. I don't know how much I'm supposed to say because I spoke to a graduate of the program before hand and she was told not to give too much away about the process. But basically, you go through a case together to simulate their IBL style and then you have the structural interview. It's not nearly as scary or formal as other programs. Hope that helps!
  10. Just interviewed today and it was an incredible experience! Very eye opening and also very relaxed. The faculty seem truly excited for you to be there. Good luck to everyone who was interviews coming up!
  11. Does anyone know when we can plan to hear a decision after we interview?
  12. Received an interview for Sept. 13th by email as well! All of my application materials were verified in mid-June.
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