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  1. When did you submit your application? if you don’t mind sharing
  2. Those who have gotten accepted. Do any of you have classes you still need to take or are all the required pre reqs finished?
  3. Sorry to hear that! Did you get an email or something? What were your stats?
  4. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I went back to the last two forums and looks like the second week of December is the last interview. Don’t quote me on that definitely not sure. But that’s why I asked the question to see how far they scheduled interviews for.
  5. Oh yes! Your right about that. No one has been taken off just yet from what I know.
  6. Did anyone get granted an interview after the deadline? Interviewing in October, November , December? Those who interviewed how many were getting interviewed that day? 20?
  7. A few have been rejected. Some waitlisted. Like 3-5 accepted. Others are still waiting for the rest of the interviews to finish so they can choose the cohort. Average of about 2 weeks after the interview they will give you a rejection, acceptance, waitlist, or a non decision on your application ( meaning hold until we interview everyone) .
  8. Some are still waiting to hear from July’s interview.
  9. Let’s see if they will give an answer after September 1 deadline.
  10. This is to those who interviewed already. To the ones who mentioned they haven’t hear anything yet. Have you guys been waitlisted already waiting for a reply back about being accepted off the waitlist or are you still waiting to hear whether your being accepted, waitlisted, or rejected?
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