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  1. I just received an email from Wendy re-confirming out APOS position. She also mentioned that "The APOS list is not ranked - it is reviewed by the Admissions Committee continuously as seats open. " Does this mean we are being continuously reevaluated once seats open? Not going to lie, this makes me even more anxious haha
  2. When they called me back in October about my APOS status, they said I'll "possibly" hear back in early Spring about an acceptance. The waiting game continues lol
  3. I got accepted pending open seat! Hopefully, I get to find out soon. Congrats to those who got accepted already! I interviewed 10/14 in case y'all are wondering.
  4. Received a rejection email just now (without an interview). Slightly bummed but it is what it is. Good luck to everyone who are still in the running!
  5. Same! I am hoping we are on a waitlist for a potential interview. Fingers crossed!!
  6. Hello! Those who applied in June and still waiting for interviews, did y'all reach out to the program? I am hesitant on what to do at this point
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