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  1. I did! I heard back around 10am this morning! Don’t forget they give acceptances until November so hang in there I know the wait is challenging!
  2. I received the email that stated my application was under review I think May 30?
  3. Received an interview invite yesterday for 9/20 as well! Looking forward to meeting people on that day! Good luck to all those waiting- still lots of time left!!
  4. cGPA: 3.76 sGPA: 3.84 100+ volunteering 50 shadowing 2500 PCE 1500 HCE GRE 307 So excited to meet everyone, I absolutely love this school!
  5. I have this as well! I scheduled an interview and was going to call them today. I think they will maybe send out the invites today and prepared the myvista portal lat night!
  6. My application was completed with them at the end of May. Have not heard back though, it is early! Has anyone reached out to see when they will be sending out interview invites?
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