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  1. I would really like to go depending on when I get off of work! Are you going? I'm class of 2022
  2. I was accepted 10/9 after interviewing 9/22, but does anyone know what the plastic thing (that they gave us at the interview) is for? I'm so curious!!
  3. Accepted to LIU 9/6 after interview 7/21!! Graduated from UVA 2018 w/English major, biology minor cGPA: 3.45 sGPA: 3.31 GRE: 311 Shadowing PA hours: 400 hours PCE: 1360 hours pediatric MA / 300+ in current urgent care MA/scribe job Plus some volunteering + EC hours. Good luck in the interview!! It's very laid back and the staff/students are friendly and welcoming.
  4. Is anyone aware of how many candidates Cornell interviews at each interview?
  5. Can anyone lend some insight into Cornell's interview style? MMI vs. 2 on 1 interview?
  6. I submitted my application on 5/24 and I received the interview invitation on 6/24!
  7. What does "continued consideration" about an application mean? Is that equivalent to an interview waitlist?
  8. Has anyone received a confirmation email that MCPHS Boston has received the application? I haven't yet.
  9. I submitted my application on May 23rd and have not received a confirmation email. Has anyone else gotten an email?
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