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  1. I interviewed on Friday and got my acceptance call yesterday! I’m excited to be a part of this program. The interview had 2 two on 1 ten minute interviews, a lunch, a tour, and a writing sample. They were very nice and just used the interview to get to know you, so don’t be stressed. Good luck to those of you waiting to hear back and interview!
  2. I asked a previous student about that and learning labs, this is what she said: We had a cadaver lab about an hour away from school once a week for 8 weeks in the first quarter. We have some learning labs but I honestly don't know much about them since we haven't used them yet.
  3. My guess is they sent it to their top picks on Thursday (probably based on gpa, healthcare hours, and application strength) and then their next favorites on Saturday and will continue to do so until all the slots are filled. I received the email yesterday and for an interview invite today. And yes it said they’d be sending interview invites this week and assign dates on a first come first basis.
  4. Does anyone know if they are going to have an additional interview? I know there is the third interview coming up, but also that some rejection letters have been sent. I haven’t heard anything since they confirmed my application.
  5. I emailed admissions about my coursework to see if they fit their prerequisites and they were super unhelpful saying that I would have to critically asses my application myself. Would you mind helping me out? For the biology courses, I have taken these:PDBIO 120- science of biology. It was only 2 credits when I took it but has since changed to 3 credits. It doesn’t have a lab but I have also taken these: MMBIO 240 & 241 Molecular Biology and the lab (3+1 credits) MMBIO 221 & 222 General Microbiology and lab (3+1 credits) MMBIO 407 Clinical Microbiology with included lab (4 credits) MMBIO 261 Infection and Immunology (3 credits) PWS 340- Genetics (3 credits) MMBIO 419-Medical Parasitology MMBIO 392- hematologyI know there is a lot of over lap with all the biology coursework and the requirements. Do I have sufficient classes to fulfill the biology requirements? For the chemistry: I took gen chem 1 and 2, Chem 285- intro to biochem/o chem (combined 4 credits)And also MMBIO 222-225 clinical chemistries and their labs (for my medical technology program)
  6. What did your confirmation email say? I’ve recieved an email a while ago, but I wasn’t sure what to think of it, whether it was a confirmation email or not.
  7. I will be attending the September 27th interview!
  8. You must apply to their graduate school on their website.
  9. I got an email from them that said the application must be verified by August first (mine already says verified so I think I’m good...) and that they would start to do interview invites after this deadline.
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