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  1. All of them are rolling! PCE ~2500 hrs as a clinic scribe (so more hands-on duties than a traditional scribe). Hoping to transition to becoming an EMT or MA this coming year because I'm committed to the PA route Thank you for the help! I wasn't sure since a lot of ppl said July was still early, but I think that may be more relevant to already strong applicants.
  2. If it makes any difference, I have a 4.00 post-bacc (30ish credits), which encompassed human A&P, micro, ochem lab, sociology, statistics, some other science courses (basically all the PA school prereqs minus gen bio and chem haha).
  3. Honest question since I've been going back and forth & really need some advice. Would it benefit me more to apply now or in July? I have a low cGPA (3.25) and sGPA (3.08). I realize that my chances may be slim, but I'm willing to shell out some money this cycle while still working on improving my chances for next cycle (grades, quality and quantity of PCE, volunteering)! I'm planning to take 2 upper level courses (biochem + human parasitology) that will end on 7/2. I've been contemplating whether it would benefit me more to just apply now (for the sake of getting in my app earlier as a low GPA applicant) or to wait until July for the slight sGPA boost to a 3.14. Any advice from past applicants who have been in similar shoes/others would be greatly appreciated. I imagine that by the time my transcript gets sent to CASPA + everything gets verified, it'll be mid to late-July (unless I'm horribly wrong since the cycle will be in full swing by then). Thank you in advance for any advice/insight!
  4. Hi! I apologize if I'm beating a dead horse. I've been meaning to take biochem since it's required by most programs, but I was originally going to submit my application with the course in progress. Out of genuine curiosity, I crunched the numbers. An A in the class would increase my GPAs marginally (sGPA of 3.11 instead of 3.06, cGPA or 3.24 instead of 3.22). 2 options for the course: 1) significantly more expensive at SCUHS, 4 wks, ends 5/27, or 2) inexpensive at a CC, 8 wks, ends 6/26. Would it be wise as a low-GPA applicant to just submit with the course in progress, or to finish the course for a grade first? I'll be taking the GRE next week and have been working tirelessly on my PS because I've been expecting to apply in May. Classes aside, postponing my submission will not lead to many changes in my application beyond a little more PCE and volunteering (& I guess a little more revision of my PS). Thank you in advance for the help!
  5. @MT2PA I’d definitely choose another person, but the problem is that most of the schools I plan to apply to require one from a PA.
  6. I recently shadowed a PA for about 50 hours over a span of 3 weeks, and hope to ask her for a LOR (as many schools require one from a PA, and this was a very recent experience). Although I feel a bit out of place asking her after such a short time period, I've heard of others asking the PAs they've shadowed on less than 2-3 occasions for one. Is this abnormal? During my time in the clinic, I felt very limited in what I could do to help (as is the nature of being a shadow), but I made a concerted effort to stay engaged and ask her thoughtful questions about specific cases, the profession, as well as her time in PA school. So my question is: How should I approach the situation if I plan to ask a PA that I shadowed for a LOR, but I don't feel like she has a good grasp of me as an individual and why I want to enter the profession/why I would make a strong healthcare provider? Especially with COVID making it difficult to meet and talk in person. I plan to give her my CV as well as my personal statement, and she works in close conjunction with a doctor who I have strong faith will write me a stellar LOR, so I'm hoping that will help as well. Anything else I should offer her? Thank you!
  7. Hi all! I hope to apply once (or immediately after) the cycle opens on April 25. Right now, I'm deciding whether I should sign up for the April 3/5th exam in order to have my official GRE scores back in time, or if it's something I can postpone to a later date. Is it necessary to have my scores in and ready to be sent out by 4/25, or can the rest of my application be sent out first? Thanks for the help!
  8. Hi everyone! I am hoping to apply to PA school this coming April and am looking for a bit of guidance! I graduated undergrad in Spring 2018 and have been working at a medical clinic ever since (so 1 yr. 8 mo; approx ~3500 hrs). I was thinking about the possibility of leaving my full-time job in the near future to finish up 3 online science classes that will run from late Jan - late March, take the GRE, accumulate additional shadowing/volunteer hours, work on my personal statement, and improve my Spanish, and feel like it will be far too hectic to do so while working 40-45 hrs./week. For reference, I've already obtained a LOR from my current boss - the chief physician in my current clinic, and financially speaking, I will be fine. I plan to start my job hunt again immediately after I submit my CASPA app, but was wondering if PA schools will look unfavorably upon this (e.g. feel like I couldn't handle it all) & possibly bring it up in future interviews? My POV is that I've already accumulated an adequate (not superb, but adequate) amount of PCE, and want to give this cycle my all by improving in other aspects of my application. What are your views? Is it unorthodox to take leave from work to focus on applications? Thank you in advance for the help everyone!
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