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  1. Received the invite within the past 2 wks. Applied late July!
  2. Beyond ecstatic to have received an interview invite from Touro! For those of you who feel like you may not be the most impressive applicant on paper, I empathize with that feeling & truly believe that the program reviews applicants holistically. There is much more to every individual than merely GPA Hope to meet some of you during the 10/15, PM sesh!
  3. Hi all! I hope to apply once (or immediately after) the cycle opens on April 25. Right now, I'm deciding whether I should sign up for the April 3/5th exam in order to have my official GRE scores back in time, or if it's something I can postpone to a later date. Is it necessary to have my scores in and ready to be sent out by 4/25, or can the rest of my application be sent out first? Thanks for the help!
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