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  1. Was accepted off the waitlist today for the Pennsylvania campus, so it looks like they are starting to pull from the waitlist!
  2. Hey does anyone know... if you sent back the letter saying you wanted to be on the waitlist, does PCOM send any confirmation that they received it?
  3. I stayed at an air bnb close by that was super nice and cheaper than hotels. And I ubered to the campus (scheduled the Uber to campus ahead of time just in case). Had no issues with either
  4. Does anyone know when the last interview date is?
  5. I got an acceptance email on Sunday and I interviewed 10/23. And thank you
  6. Hey I was just accepted and would also be looking for roommates!
  7. Hey, I recently received an interview invite but need to fly back home on the same day of the interview... Does anybody know how long the interview lasts for so I can book a flight? I think my interview starts at noon. Thanks!
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