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  1. Submitted 5/20 and my application was received by the program on 5/21 hope this helps!
  2. I received an interview invitation for October 3rd but I will be turning down my invite! Good luck everyone
  3. I got a call for an interview invite for Friday 9/6 but I turned it down. Best of luck to everyone!
  4. I emailed about this and they said they don’t need official GRE scores for the interview. Only when we receive an acceptance and decide to enroll!
  5. Just received an interview invitation! I chose October 3rd
  6. For those who received interview invites, I just received an update about my interview group and time!
  7. Not sure how many interview dates per month but they did say they hosted more than 20 interview dates for the whole cycle
  8. I was put on Interview Hold on June 1st :)
  9. Just received an interview invite for September 13 and 14th!
  10. No confirmation or any type of email after sending CASPer scores
  11. Hi all, I am grateful to have received an invite but I will be forfeiting my interview with Wake Forest. Best of luck to everyone this cycle!
  12. Congratulations! And best of luck on the interview glad to hear that other people are hearing back
  13. I realized I forgot to tell you my application timeline! Here it is- Submitted CASPA 5/21 and was received by Stanford on 5/31. Received CASPer invitation on 6/7 (I had already taken CASPer in May for other programs so I immediately sent my scores). Heard back yesterday (8/16) for an October interview. Hope this helps
  14. Of course! CASPA submitted 5/21 and was received 6/25. Submitted supplemental 7/2 (interview invite received on 8/16). Hope this helps!
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