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  1. Hey yes there is a face book page ! But also i am looking for a third roommate if you are interested!
  2. Hello everyone If anyone gets pulled of the wait list and needs housing please message me! My roomate and I need a third person for and awesome house!!! Good luck and I wish everyone all the best
  3. Hello I am looking to ask questions to some University of Bridgeport Alumni about their experience in the program to help me make some decisions for this cycle. If you are out there please message me!
  4. YES thank you for helping a girl out who has been wait listed
  5. I just got an email today about being placed on the wait list which is very difficult for me because this is one of the only schools that required me to take BIOCHEM so not I'm torn as to whether to spend the money to take it or not. I have already been accepted to Albany Meds PA program but I really loved what Bridgeport had to offer.
  6. yes this is what I received, I was CASPA verified on May 28th and I got this email on June 6th "Hello, Thank you for your interest in Marywood University and our Physician Assistant program. Your CASPA application was successfully received. We review our applications in batches so please allow several weeks for the review process. If you are selected for one of our interview dates in August, September, or November you will be notified by the PA department. Best, Lauren Tokash"
  7. Anyone else worried about the PA school timeline. GW is one of my top schools but I have already been offered three interviews and one acceptance for other programs and my application is only under review for GW. How is everyone else going about their decision making for this process!!
  8. Interviewed Aug 9th in the afternoon and am anxiously awaiting to hear back! Fingers crossed. I loved the people and the program
  9. I applied and received an under review email a few days ago. Did anyone else apply for the dual degree program?
  10. Thanks! and sure CASPA verified May 29th Healthcare hours 1000 as a Nursing Assistant in an ED GPA: 3.8 Science GPA 3.8 Shadowing hours: 100 GRE: I don't remember exactly but I believe it was 60th percentile reading and 20th percentile math 4.0 writing A bunch of hours volunteering in different hospitals A LOT of various extra curricular activities including: VP/Peer adviser for Biochemistry Club, Founder of a Club that volunteers at animal shelters, member of gymnastics and ballroom dance teams..
  11. Hopefully you can read this image but this is a sheet they gave us at the interview about mission statement if you want to prepare ahead of time
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