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  1. I agree. I doubt they'll send out rejections any time soon
  2. I received an alternate spot a couple weeks ago, and I called to confirm what that meant. Chris said all the spots have been filled, and UTRGV is just pulling applicants off the alternate list as spots become available. Hope that helps y'all and good luck!
  3. Got the call earlier today! I'm excited to start with y'all in May!!
  4. Anyone know how many interviews they have left and when the program might send out the entire cohort? I'm tempted to email them, but I don't want to bother them with trivial questions.
  5. I also just confirmed an interview to the 30th date! I'm excited to meet faculty and see the campus! Texas Tech seems like a great program, and their YouTube Parodies are so entertaining hahaha. I'll see y'all there.
  6. I also received an email with an interview offer in October. I'm excited to meet everyone and learn more about the program! I'm hoping for a mid-October option for an interview. Good luck to everyone!
  7. I also received an interview for September 12th. I'm excited to meet everyone and learn more about the program! My CASPA application was submitted 5/6/19 @DirkGOAT41
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