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  1. Hi everyone! I hope you're all staying strong through this pandemic! I was accepted November 19' (esque) and am currently looking for housing near the island. Has anyone created a facebook page for the incoming cohort? Looking to discuss such matters! -Nicolette
  2. Hi everyone! I've been accepted at literally cried. Best phone call of my life! - To everyone who interviewed 11/05 and have been accepted, looking forward to learning with you all.
  3. I've been accepted at literally cried. Best phone call of my life!
  4. Hi! I emailed Naisha yesterday. She said that TUC will release the results of the 11/5 interview, "very soon".
  5. Hi! I recently interview on 11-05-2019. At the information session it was mentioned that interviews will be held into December. Best of luck!
  6. Hi Everyone! Congratulations to those who have reported receiving an invitation for an interview! Yesterday, I was invited to interview on 11-05-2019! Best of luck!
  7. Hi! The cycle closes for UCD on July 15, unfortunately, I don't think you'll qualify because you'll complete that class after July. Best of luck to you!
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