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  1. Just got accepted! Interviewed on 11/01. I'm gonna be PA!!
  2. Just received on invite for November 16th!!! Was verified 6/21
  3. I received an interview invite for 11/22! And I was wondering what the interview format is? Thanks and best of luck to you all!
  4. What made y’all decide to apply to Texas Tech? Just curious.
  5. I did! Received an email with some info and a tentative schedule on 08/28
  6. Just received an email for an interview for 09/16 at 7:45am!! Submitted CASPA 06/18, verified 06/21
  7. I have an interview for 9/4!! Got verified 6/21 Received a confirmation email from them 6/23 Did not take the CASPer
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