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  1. That was very fast too!! Yess! Please let us know what this writing assignment is Also, How are you all preparing for your interview btw?
  2. Oh no. It’s on 08/27 . Are there people that have interviews on the 6th?
  3. Verified and reviewed on 06/11, interview invite on 06/18 and I just got a date
  4. Hey JustinAsyu, I hope by this time, you would have had some luck on your application and some interviews! I am also an international student from Africa! I have applied to about 10 different schools from all over the U.S. I have an interview at Rutgers University so far and still waiting to hear back from the other schools. In my application, i was pretty honest about my desire for P.A and my determination to learn as much as i could. i think the fact that i am a diverse student also helps a lot, i beleive it will work well in your favor too if you spin it correctly and tie it in to your desirr for P.A! I wish you well haha We internationals need to stick together Let me know if you have any other questions
  5. Hey Laurennicolem I keep seeing you everywhere haha !! I'm taking my CASPer on 7/7 too!! Hopefully its not too bad. Does it mean you are most likely guaranteed an interview if you are requested to take the CASPer. What does it mean in the application process?
  6. Hey guys, I also got an interview invite last week but not a date yet. I’m not sure what’s going on.The email said I would receive another email with my date. Still nothing yet though. Should I be worried?
  7. So I do have a question. On their website, one of their requirements was a BLS certification? Did any of you have to get a BLS certification?
  8. How do you know to take the CASPer? I see nothing about it on their website. I am so confused
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