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  1. Coming in from Pennsylvania and I’m planning on going to the social Friday night! See y’all there!
  2. Hello!! Yes!! International rotations and mission trips are available. You also have the option of presenting your own trip and they can make it work for you! Pretty cool
  3. Hey guys, Does anybody have a general idea what the interview is like?? I know its MMI style but does that mean we dont need to prepare for questions about the school and those kind of questions at all? Is it purely scenario based questions and then its over?
  4. Hello! Did anybody stay at an Airbnb for their interview?? Can anybody send me some recommendations please? Somewhere really close and safe lol! Thanks guys!
  5. I totally understand! Thank you so much for your honest insights I wish you the very best of luck moving forward with the rest of your schools !
  6. Do you know or have any inclination why or what could have happened?
  7. Anybody still waiting to hear back?? Lets keep the faith guys Application complete on 6/13
  8. That was very fast too!! Yess! Please let us know what this writing assignment is Also, How are you all preparing for your interview btw?
  9. Oh no. It’s on 08/27 . Are there people that have interviews on the 6th?
  10. Verified and reviewed on 06/11, interview invite on 06/18 and I just got a date
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