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  1. Yes I believe so! I think UC Davis won’t actually see it until they start reviewing apps after July. But, it’s still kind of a risk. I would recommend submitting to UC Davis when you’re fully 100% ready app wise, with nothing pending. You still have about a month and a half so you’ll be fine. I submitted my app like 07/01 right before deadline and I had no problems hope that helps
  2. Hey guys! I am an accepted student and will be starting this summer. It is super early in the game right now for UC Davis and a lot of California schools in general. UCD does not review apps until they're all submitted in July- they don't utilize rolling admission. I got my verification that I submitted my app on 7/8 but keep in mind I submitted my app like 07/01. They will send out a mass interview invite email around September (9/23/2019 for us) with 4 dates to choose from. Usually on the 4 Mondays in October. I can imagine interviews possibly being done virtually but I can't imagine how different the timeline/process would be. The wait is definitely nerve wracking! From submitting and waiting to hear back from schools for interviews and then even worse-waiting to hear back AFTER interviews but the time will fly by right in front of you eyes.. trust me haha! Try to enjoy this process Hope this helps. Feel free to PM anytime..
  3. I actually experienced this when I applied last year. I have done the same volunteer/mission trip twice and I ended up putting 2017-2018 for the time period and the corresponding hours. However, I specified in the description that this was a summer internship and I volunteered twice. For me personally, it didn't make sense to write it twice since it was the same experience. Feel free to message me and I can show you what I mean
  4. Hey, so the supplemental application happens AFTER your interview. So theyll invite you for an interview sometime in October and then in November you'll get an email to move on to the next step. And then you find out in December. As far as the supplemental topic, I think it can change year to year. Hope this helped. Best of luck!
  5. nope; radio silence... I reached out to Kiana. will update the thread though as soon as I hear back!
  6. Majority of decisions have not been made yet. They said after March. Only the high scores get early acceptances. Been waiting since my interview In January
  7. Thank you so much!! Good luck to you. Timing is everything keep pushing and I’m sure you will get in and be an awesome PA!
  8. Anyone on waitlist hoping for a rejection? I was accepted to my top choice and would like that $500 back lol ...
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