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  1. Do you apply for this scholarship before you begin school or after graduating and before starting your first job? I am starting school this summer and am interested in applying for this scholarship/loan reimbursement.
  2. I got a missed call from Drexel and interviewed 11/20. Should i call back?
  3. Can anyone shed light on what makes Drexel unique? I tried to gather information from their website but it doesn’t offer much about their program besides the basics.
  4. Are the student and alumni panels another group interview or are they an opportunity to ask questions?
  5. I’ll be interviewing October 19! So excited! Can those who interviewed provide some insight on the day? Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone, I was not originally planning on applying here but recently submitted all the required information about 5 days ago, including GRE scores. Do you think the scores will make it by the Oct 1st deadline?
  7. I'll be at the October 7th interview date! Can any current students offer insight into the interview day process? I've read on past forums it's really just a 2 minute elevator speech about yourself in a group setting and a group interview. Then, a certain select will be invited to submit the supplemental. Does this elevator pitch include your response to "Why PA/Why UCD?" ? Or is it really just telling them about yourself as a person and not really mentioning this? Best of luck to everyone who received interviews and those still waiting!
  8. Hi everyone, Congrats to everyone who has been accepted! Just got news that I will be interviewing October 8th. I'm very excited as Campbell is one of my top programs. I'll be flying in from Chicago a day before. If anyone who's interviewed could offer some insight for me I would greatly appreciate it.. I've had 2 interviews that I thought I did very well in and was true to myself. I told my story (come from an underserved/disadvantaged background) and why I want to specifically be a PA. I have strong communication skills and am highly passionate about service, hence my interest in Campbell's program. Any tips for this specific interview process that would ultimately help me? Do they emphasize a Christian background? I grew up Christian but don't consider myself to be super religious. More spiritually, if anything. Is this something they prioritize? Community service and attending to the underserved is my main goal as a PA. Should I just focus on that? I really thought I had my last interview but have not heard back after receiving news others were accepted on the same date so I assumed I didn't get in. Pretty depressed to say the least since it was my top choice. Any insight is appreciated. Congrats again to all those accepted and hopefully we'll be future classmates
  9. I know and I noticed that people who interviewed a week before us already heard back within a few days so I was starting to assume the worst
  10. Anyone who interviewed 6/21 hear back yet?
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