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  1. Just got an acceptance call a few minutes ago, however I’m starting at a different program in January so I will be declining. Good luck to everyone!!
  2. I received an invitation to interview on Nov. 15th yesterday. I just responded to confirm and immediately received a response saying the applicant interview guide will be emailed approximately 1 week prior to the interview date.
  3. I received an invitation to interview yesterday for Nov 16th. Does anyone know if most of their seats are already filled?
  4. For those of you that have already interviewed, is there anything we need to bring with us? Like a picture ID? Thanks in advance.
  5. I know that I submitted my supplemental application during their peak time (July 1), but I still have not received a confirmation email that my application is complete and it's been more than 6 weeks. Is anyone else having this problem?
  6. I will be interviewing on Sept. 21st as well!
  7. Just received my acceptance letter via email!! I was at the July interview.
  8. I submitted the supplemental on 7/1. I received an email after CASPA was received but not since the supplemtal.
  9. Did everyone receive a confirmation email after the supplemental application was submitted? I received an email the same day my CASPA application was verified, but I submitted my supplemental on 6/25 and haven't heard anything yet. Wasn't sure if I should give it more time or email them to see if it was received. Thanks!
  10. For those who already had an interview, did you get a confirmation email that they received your application? Or just heard back with the interview invite?
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