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  1. I am in the same situation @otown03! I am going to wait till the first week of June to start resubmitting. I believe everyone got off the waitlist last year is that correct?
  2. Does anyone know how many people they took off the waitlist years prior?? Rita just messaged me about where I was on the wailist.
  3. I have not heard from anyone about getting accepted. Maybe this week we will hear back!
  4. I haven't heard back yet either. They said we could hear back at any time from 9/16 to December!
  5. I did call and they informed me since that has been a new change they will accept certain pre recs over 5 years
  6. I also received one for the 16th as well. Congrats everyone and see you there!
  7. I received the same phone call as well. Apparently Fort Lauderdale Nova is sending out interviews already!
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