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  1. MBKU; local, class size, 100% PANCE, and connected really well with staff and students. Best of luck in your endeavors!
  2. Hi there! Personally, I got accepted to both, and if I didn't get accepted to my number one school(for me), I would be attending Loma Linda. There are many great things about both programs but the selling factor for me was the smaller class sizes with LLU and I resonated alot with what the program stands for in terms of service to others. You won't make a wrong decision with either, and it is ultimately up to which you think suits you better.
  3. Please update us on the reply! I plan to email them in April
  4. Anyone that interviewed around Jan 22nd and still waiting to hear back? I'm starting to believe it's a rejection
  5. Anyone else that interviewed not hear back yet? Should I be calling the school to verify? I was under the impression we would hear back somewhere mid-March
  6. Is there anyone from the 1/22 interview that has not been contacted yet?
  7. I will be attending the 1/19 interview, and I was wondering if anyone had details on the pizza social?
  8. turns out i didn't :/, hopefully it doesn't make or break their decision
  9. @rjnguyen i'm not able to locate it. i see the essays and transcripts i sent in. does yours show?
  10. Wait... How do i verify if i entered my CASPA ID onto supplemental? I don't remember ever doing that
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