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  1. Wondering the same thing about the commute from the city! I know its most convenient to have as short of a commute as possible but my boyfriend and I are considering living together to cut down on costs and save money. Any students on here with experience with this or insights? Thanks!
  2. Got my call yesterday, accepted from the 8/15 interview! It feels wrong to decline an offer from a top 10 program but I much preferred another program I was accepted into so I’ll be declining my seat for that one. Good luck, everyone!
  3. I also interviewed 10/1 for PA program only and just received the waitlist email. Little bummed but hoping for the best!
  4. Hey! I brought my mom with me and I'd say about half or a little more of the others brought their parent or guest as well. I thought this was such a nice touch because it's nice for someone close to you to be in on the process and it just gives a generally supportive and warm feeling
  5. Interviewing on 10/1! Side question- does anyone know what the seat deposit is if you are accepted? Thanks!
  6. Got my rejection letter in the mail yesterday but congrats to everyone accepted and good luck to those interviewing!!
  7. Hmm weird because they said they would send us something in the mail only I thought? But not I haven't heard anything yet! Anxiously awaiting haha
  8. Hey I'm sorry to hear that but hey its continuing candidate so there is still opportunity! Did you receive a letter in the mail today stating that?
  9. Received an acceptance to East Falls from the 8/15 interview but declined due to another offer. Good luck everyone!
  10. Also received an interview for 9/9 last week!
  11. I have done 2 interviews already and did not bring resumes at all. If they want you to have them they will say so in the email with interview info. Usually they have everything in front of them from your application at the interview! Good luck and I'll see ya on the 15!
  12. So excited! Got my acceptance from the July 31 interview today! Good luck everyone who has and is going to interview It is seriously an amazing program
  13. Thanks! I submitted 5/21 and was verified 5/22 I believe
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