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  1. What have you liked most about the program? What have you liked least?
  2. What have you liked most about the program? What have you liked least? Do you know anything about the quality of their clinical placements?
  3. I'm getting the same message. I'll probably call tomorrow about it.
  4. For those who have gotten in to multiple places but are choosing Baylor, what made you choose it? And for those who think they will give up their spot, why? I have a very tough choice to make and would love different perspectives. DM me.
  5. I can’t believe I got accepted! I was the last person pulled off the interview waitlist!
  6. Everything is clearly spelled out within the interview invitation. Click on the url and the go to the schedule link. It provides all meeting times and locations.
  7. Did anyone receive a confirmation email or anything after they submitted their interview acceptance?
  8. I just got invited to interview in Group A! I have already been accepted to another school out-of-state but getting into Baylor would mean not having to be separated from my partners for 2.5 years so......fingers crossed!!! One thing I can't find on their website though is the program start date. Does anyone know it?
  9. What email did the invite request come from? How did you find out you didn't get the email?
  10. I don’t know, but I bet it will be on January 10 or January 13.
  11. Has anyone inquired about their position on the waitlist? If so, was the response just that they don't give any information on that?
  12. No waitlist update or rejection emails? I was really expecting one today.....
  13. Most schools make their waitlist as long as their class size. Was Tampa's waitlist last year 48 people long?
  14. I don't know, but I'm assuming all the acceptance calls went out yesterday/today. If anybody turns down the offer they will make more offers next week, but other than that I think the only thing we have to look forward to now is a waitlist or a rejection so.....
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