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  1. The fact that people with higher GPA's and better experience have a better shot at getting an interview should kind of be obvious. Better applicants having better chances shouldn't "blindside" anyone. But no, they aren't just inviting people with "near perfect stats". I got an interview with a 3.4 GPA and less than 1,000 hours of PCE at the time of application. The high-quality of my PCE, and my personal statement are probably what made the difference for me.
  2. Got an interview invite and chose November 18th. I'm shocked at how many days they are interviewing....I'm assuming each day only has a small number of people?
  3. Depends. If they decide to accept you, you will hear back in a few days. Otherwise you may not hear anything until December when they send out waitlist/rejection emails.
  4. They usually allow two days for deliberation so I think those that are accepted will probably hear tomorrow.
  5. Wow. My stats for cumulative GPA, science GPA and PCE were all higher than their averages and I still just got a rejection email. WTF? Thank God I got interviews at multiple other schools, but still....this sucks.
  6. I think they will be sending them out this week; most likely Tuesday or Wednesday.
  7. It doesn't matter if your GPA is still below 3.0. I'd spend another year taking classes, getting straight A's, to bring that GPA up and show an upward trend in your grades. Either that or only apply to schools that don't require the 3.0 minimum.
  8. I haven't heard anything yet, but I think it will be soon.
  9. The email was a glitch. Ignore it. It doesn't mean anything.
  10. Waitlisted. *Sigh* I feel like programs should have to tell you where on the waitlist you are so you can make better informed decisions going forward. Like, am I number 1 on the waitlist or number 16? Cause that would change some things.......
  11. Yeah, I've already come to terms with not getting accepted. I just want to know if I am waitlisted or rejected. Maybe someone should call and try to get a timeline.
  12. I would have thought we would have at least gotten waitlist emails or rejections by now.......
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