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  1. Since the last interview was on Saturday, does anybody know when we can expect to hear anything about the wait-list?
  2. Did they send you two emails? I got an email with the update about the waitlist, but it did not say what quartile i was in.
  3. Does anybody know when they will update the "continued consideration" people about the waitlist? I believe they said after the last interview, but I am not sure if that is in January or February. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for letting me know! Hopefully we hear something soon
  5. Does anybody know when they begin to pull from the waitlist (if they need to)?
  6. They way I understand it is that after the last interview date they are going to create a waitlist and we will all be ranked. They said they will probably be sending it out in February. If you find out more let me know!
  7. Anyone know if there is a facebook page for accepted students? Good luck to everyone!
  8. Has anyone heard anything about a waitlist yet?
  9. Thank you for letting us know. I feel like they could have at least sent us an email or something haha
  10. Was thinking about calling today. I don't want to spend another day glued to my phone haha
  11. I did as well and have not received a call as of yet
  12. Congrats! I am interviewing at the Christiana campus tomorrow. Any tips for the interview? Also, how did you like the school and surrounding area?
  13. That helps, thank you! I will definitely give them a call when it gets closer to January.
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