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  1. Join the FB group. We are planning to have a meet up in June.
  2. We have a FB group CUNY YORK 2023 PA program. Join it!
  3. Still no update on deposit or anything?
  4. For those who got accepted did you get any other email other than the confirmation? I haven't received anything regarding seat deposit or fee.
  5. You need to complete Biochemistry before August start date. Classes start end of August so if you have it completed before them you will be fine.
  6. I just received an acceptance email! I'm so excited as this is my top choice.
  7. Congrats. Did you get an email regarding the $75 processing fee? Anyone that interview get an email regarding how to pay the processing fee?
  8. Congrats. I interviewed the week after, so hopefully I hear back soon. I imagine probably New Year. Anyone else get accepted?
  9. I uploaded my SS, but nothing regarding the fee, I'm sure they will get back to us eventually.
  10. I applied first week of July, and nothing since, just the verification email I got after and my application is under review. I hope I hear something.
  11. No email yet. Did you figure out how to upload the social security card?
  12. Sorry I misread your question. It took a lil over a month from going to 2nd to 3rd step. 3rd step to Interview took 1 day.
  13. My application has been moved to the 3rd round.
  14. Where on their website does it say non-rolling? You can also look at last years thread, and you can see it's rolling.
  15. That is Sophie Davis program, not CUNY York.
  16. Just received an acceptance offer. I interviewed on 10/14
  17. Anyone who interviewed on the 14th heard anything back?
  18. They are rolling. They accept applications until Jan, and continue to interview until April. This year they are running behind because of COVID19.
  19. Got an email saying I've moved to second step faculty review today.
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