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  1. Thank you @Ryanseacrest @ChristineQLe Anybody else?
  2. Hello everybody, Please try to understand and answer professionally. I am aspiring to become a AP after University. I am Jewish Orthodox and have one serious restriction in regards to PA/Med school. There is a subset of Jewish believers (the Cohen family, descendents of Aaron and of the priestly caste) which under Jewish law are strictly prohibited to come in contact with a dead body. A Cohen can be a surgeon or any other doctor, as long as their training does not require practice on cadavers. Once a doctor, a Cohen may come in contact with a dead body as long as he is there to save life. Does anyone know of any schools that offer 3D virtual anatomy in place of cadaver lab ? I am willing to move out of state(Fl) to fulfill my studies if need be. Please, if you know of any schools, drop the name Thanks so much
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