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  1. 9/22. I was never sent a confirmation email either!
  2. I received an interview invite today for 12/1! So excited and nervous! For those who have already interviewed, was it 1 on 1? Thanks in advanced
  3. Well I recieved a rejection email from center city today with no interview I applied the end of August for reference. I applied to the other campuses in July and haven’t heard back from them yet. Good luck to everyone interviewing and congrats to everyone who was accepted!
  4. Hi everyone! Hope you are all hanging in there Has everyone received a confirmation email from West Chester? I submitted my verified app on 9/22 and never received confirmation so I emailed them 10/9 but haven't heard back. Was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat or I should try to follow up again. Thanks!
  5. Same boat! I’m getting so anxious.
  6. Thanks for letting us know! And congrats on the interview!
  7. In the same boat for both NJ and East Falls! Applied mid-July as well, haven’t heard anything
  8. Oh really? Hmm my portal doesn’t even have the “misc” letter section everyone isn’t talking about only the “PA/MD/DO/NP Lrt of recommend” so I guess I’ll wait a few more days until it hits 15 and email them
  9. Are they taking a while to match anyone else’s LORs? I know it said it could take up to 15 business days but today marks 14 since I’ve been verified and 11 since I’ve gotten the confirmation email and paid the supplemental fee! If it’s not matched by next week should I email them?
  10. Congratulations!! When did you submit/get verified?
  11. I believe all verified applicants are receiving the secondary. I got mine today too, make sure you all check your junk folders!! Mine was in there lol
  12. I don’t have shadowing on my resume either since it’s just my work resume and I’m not going to reformat mine either! Mine is just a one page resume, I think I will add it though. I’m assuming they want it so they can have a quick summary on hand. Maybe it’s so they can remember each applicant quickly without going back through the entire application? Not sure, but I really don’t think it would count against us either way!
  13. Hi everyone! I’m about to submit my app for a few other schools before Drexel. I am missing genetics as a prerequisite for them and I know it needs to be listed as planned or Drexel won’t review my app. My question is can I submit and get verified for other schools, then add genetics to my coursework and submit to Drexel? I’m not sure where I’ll be taking the class yet, but would like to apply to other programs I have all the prerequisites for now! Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, congrats!! Would anyone who was accepted mind sharing their stats with me? I am planning to apply to the program in the next cycle and would like to know if my app is competitive.
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