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  1. Congrats! Anything specific you plan on doing to prepare? Look forward to meeting you there!
  2. I got an email today for an interview on August 13th-14th. Does anyone else have this interview date?
  3. Hello all! I started this forum to hopefully connect with everyone applying to Lipscomb this cycle! I wanted to see if anyone who has applied so far has received an interview invite? I just received one today. If anyone is planning on attending the August 23rd interview, please comment! Best wishes to you all!
  4. Same for me! But based on what others have said, I believe we will receive an email if we are denied acceptance? Is that correct?
  5. I'm sorry about the interview, ameann1207! But congrats on your others! I have yet to hear back from South. So they will email us if we get denied as they review applications then? I'm just wondering how long we will have to wait to hear if we get an interview or not?
  6. Congrats, ShreenaP! Do you mind sharing when you submitted your application?
  7. Has anyone else gotten word for the next interview? I believe it’s July 9th-10th?
  8. Congrats on your interview, MNEMT! Do you mind sharing when your application was completed and verified by South? Also, what were your stats?
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