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  1. Does anyone know what their First PANCE Results are?
  2. I was just placed on the waitlist! But looking at last years forum, they placed a ton of people on the waitlist before accepting majority of the class?
  3. I was just placed on the waitlist! But looking at last years forum, they placed a ton of people on the waitlist before accepting majority of the class?
  4. Congrats on the interview! I absolutely loved this school and everyone we met that is a part of the program. Mine had two 20-minute interviews with 2 professors in each one. we were divided in 4 groups throughout the day and did multiple things that I felt helped shake the nerves out the actual interviews were more of a conversation and the interviewers were very receptive to what I was saying, which made me feel more relaxed. Look up the most asked interview questions and be prepared for those but make sure you are not memorizing your answer! They also had a "panel" where we were able to ask questions as a whole group instead of asking questions during your individual interview.
  5. I I received that email on June 17th, then June 24th was when I received the interview invite! They did not tell our group any information on other interview dates or anything though
  6. Check out Twin Cities Orthopedics! On their website they have a shadowing/observation form to fill out
  7. I live in the Minneapolis/Twin Cities area and for me, it was pretty hard landing a shadowing opportunity. Many people said I could, but then they would never get back to me. Twin Cities Orthopedics has a shadowing/observing form where you can select which sites you could shadow at and say how many times/hours you would need. Initially I only put in locations in Burnsville, but I filled out the form again and shadowed in Blaine and Coon Rapids! They gave me several days to shadow in different settings and was a great experience. I am going to check in with a dermatology clinic in Edina to see if they offer shadowing. Please let me know where else in MN people have shadowed https://tcomn.com/careers/ scroll to the Job Shadow application
  8. I was struggling with how to approach this question as well! I said it in a way as to how I got to where I am now, along with adding in underlying characteristics I have. When I talked about working in healthcare as a CNA and how it has influenced my decision, I spoke in a way the interviewers could see how passionate I was. I interviewed 2 weeks ago and was accepted to the program! When they asked me this, here is how I (briefly) answered: "I grew up in ___ city in Minnesota, and went to college in Florida to play Division II lacrosse. I started as a crim justice major, but I ended up feeling so bored and that I was not being challenged in school. I switched to biology and fell in love with science, and this is how I was introduced into working in healthcare. I currently work as a CNA in a pediatrics unit and a NICU and I love being able to interact with patients from all ages" Keep it simple, keep it brief. My interview style was two 20 minute interviews, and from this answer my interviewers were able to ask me multiple questions to continue to get to know me. I do not believe this is the time to brag, I feel you had the chance to do that in your application. Show who you are as a person and be able to make jokes. My mom is a NICU nurse and I work with her from time to time. I was able to joke with the interviewers about how when I was younger, after visiting my mom at work I told her I never wanted to work in healthcare, but during college she helped shape my decision to pursue biology and be a PA! We joked that mothers are always right This was from my personal experience and I hope having a real example helps you out a bit! Good luck!!
  9. Received my acceptance call about an hour ago
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