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  1. Thank you! Hmm, wonder where our communication is lost from Chapman!
  2. How did you find out about being wait-listed? I have had no communication about acceptance, rejection or wait-listing even after emailing them or calling them. They say they will inform me after reviewing process is complete.
  3. I am interviewing but at Salt Lake campus.
  4. I had some delays in obtaining my transcripts. Touro is one of my choice Universities. Do you think it is too late to apply? This is the last week for deadline approaching. Any inputs?
  5. Did you receive an email or phone call or letter for same? I submitted on July 29th, but haven't heard back anything:((
  6. Interviewing on 11/21 at main campus. PCE-22,000 Hrs, sGPA= 4.0 cGPA-3.92 PA shadow- 150 hrs Looking forward to meeting others.
  7. Congrats, can you please share your stats?
  8. Awesome. Congrats. How was the interview? Can you please share what I need to be prepared with?
  9. The subject was "Invitation to Interview" from Chapman University.
  10. FYI- Found my invite email in my spam folder. Friends please keep an aye on your spam/ junk folder too.
  11. For folks who have done the in-person interviews, can you please share your experiences and the preparation you all did? Appreciate your help.
  12. Just got the invite to interview for 7/19. Looking forward to it.
  13. Congrats. I submitted on 6/17, waiting to hear back.
  14. @ecliastee, when did you submit and can you please share your stats?
  15. SCUHS offers Microbiology onsite as an accelerated course in 4 weeks. I did it from there for my PA schools pre req.
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