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  1. Did you receive an email or phone call or letter for same? I submitted on July 29th, but haven't heard back anything:((
  2. Interviewing on 11/21 at main campus. PCE-22,000 Hrs, sGPA= 4.0 cGPA-3.92 PA shadow- 150 hrs Looking forward to meeting others.
  3. Congrats, can you please share your stats?
  4. Awesome. Congrats. How was the interview? Can you please share what I need to be prepared with?
  5. The subject was "Invitation to Interview" from Chapman University.
  6. FYI- Found my invite email in my spam folder. Friends please keep an aye on your spam/ junk folder too.
  7. For folks who have done the in-person interviews, can you please share your experiences and the preparation you all did? Appreciate your help.
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