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  1. I received a call for an interview invite today for Nov. 4th!
  2. I was just wondering if you called today or earlier this week.
  3. I checked my CASPA and have no clue how a program would be able to send an invite on the portal. I also did not receive an email from ODU either. Another person posted earlier that they called and were told they have not sent out invites and were not sure when they would so I am very confused.
  4. When I toured this summer they said they usually do interviews in September. I emailed the PA account asking for an update last week but have gotten no response. Hopefully we will hear soon!
  5. I got my email update about a half an hour ago. It sounds like we won't even been doing the online interview until November.
  6. I emailed back an interview acceptance Friday but have not received an email verification since. I am assuming we will hear back October 11th as well.
  7. I have not received an interview invitation or a rejection yet. Is anyone else in the same position? I submitted and was verified 6/7.
  8. For those invited to an interview, would you mind sharing your stats and when you were submitted/verified?
  9. Has anyone received a confirmation email once you submitted and everything was verified?
  10. Good luck to everyone! Submitted 6/5 and verified 6/7. I have not received a confirmation email yet.
  11. I have not received an email confirmation since my application was verified.
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