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  1. Is there any reason to be concerned about the accreditation status? Given the September start date, I'm concerned with the risk of turning other programs down and waiting to start in September and then something happens in their accreditation review. It's may be a foolish question given I haven't even interviewed yet.
  2. I received an email yesterday saying I was waitlisted (no mention of an interview) and then today I received another email saying they were offering an interview on Dec 17th (no mention of waitlist.) Anyone offer any insight if I'm waitlisted or not? Thanks
  3. I don't think you can assume anything. Last year they accepted people into December. With this year being what it is, you never know if their timeline has changed. Stay positive and things will work. (p.s. I'm waiting to hear also)
  4. Is anyone concerned going to a brand new program that has not graduated a class yet?
  5. I was just wait listed, anyone know how many or if they take people of the wait list? Congrats to those that got in!!!
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