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  1. Just got the call. Literally one of the happiest days of my life. Good luck everyone!
  2. Keep your head up! This process is so hard, especially receiving multiple rejections like I have. However, the right school will find you if you keep working at it! We are in this together, good luck!
  3. Just received an email saying that although I did not get an interview invite in the first round of interviews, I am still being considered for the second round of interviews.
  4. Me too! I am ridiculously happy to have this opportunity! Goodluck everyone!
  5. Have they started giving out the second round of interviews?
  6. Also rejected, good luck to those that still have a chance!
  7. This is odd, I haven't received the email stating that I'm on the interview waitlist like many of you have. No response after I replied to the initial interview invite email. I replied 25 minutes after. I wonder what's going on.
  8. I think so, which is a bummer. Waiting on any sort of communication from the school.
  9. I replied back to the initial invite email about 25 minutes after I received it and still haven't received a response either. We are in the same boat. Chin up, they will get back to us soon, hopefully.
  10. Me too, I replied 3 hours ago with my preference list and still haven't recieved a reply. Getting a bit worried.
  11. I think so, I just sent my order preferences and am waiting for the reply with the supplemental and fee.
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