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  1. Just got rejected this morning. Good luck to everyone still in consideration!
  2. I did not get that email. Did those of you who got the email attend an interview?
  3. For those of you who have been accepted and paid the deposit, have you been invited into the Facebook group after following the instructions in the follow up email? I got the email last Tuesday after I paid the deposit and followed the directions. I would really like to be in the Facebook group to get to know you guys!
  4. I had a C+ in the second semester of A&P and got an interview. Still haven’t heard back yet though.
  5. I got accepted today around 3pm! I interviewed 11/8. I can hardly wrap my mind around this!!!! I am so excited.
  6. The supplemental application is not technically due until 9/10. Do you guys think that’s what we’re waiting for?(in terms of the sending of interview invites)
  7. I just received an invitation to interview 9/24. I was verified 8/12.
  8. Congrats and good luck! I am not sure of class size but do you mind sharing when you submitted your application? Thanks!
  9. Did you all get a confirmation email or any communication directly from MC after your application was verified? I was just verified yesterday.
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