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  1. Makes sense, thank you so much for your input I sincerely appreciate it! After research I found schools that focus on the last few credits and will be focusing on them next year so thank you for that suggestion. I'll be adding more to my shadowing experience too, I did think it was low but wasn't sure if it was worth bolstering. Also I did have a letter from a PA and a MD whom I have solid relationships with so I'm confident they wrote me good LoRs! Thanks again for your response! It's very helpful
  2. I know my GPA is an eyesore but I have a significant upward trend. I’ve had a 4.0 in post-grad while taking pre-reqs/retaking classes from undergrad, I even made the Dean’s List one semester while balancing working full time, volunteering, and working as a freelance artist as well. I attended Johns Hopkins University for my undergrad and I don’t believe that will help my application in any way but my family is convinced it will be taken into consideration when looking at my GPA. I sincerely doubt it but if anyone has any thoughts on that I’d love to hear it. I was placed on academic probation after my Sophomore year in 2013. I wasn’t balancing my studies well while also working two jobs and my Grandpa passed during that time and I felt like asking for help made me weak. I made sure to explain that this adverse experience helped me to grow and manifest in better time management, new study habits, and most importantly it taught me that reaching out for help, whether academically or personally, is a sign of strength, not weakness. Recently, I completed three classes after I submitted my CASPA app so that should help but overall it still doesn’t make a significant difference in my cGPA. I only applied to four schools within an hour of me (I know, I need to cast a bigger net next cycle!) and I have been rejected from two of them so far. I believe the other two have finished up their interviews so I’m not confident I will be offered interviews this cycle. I’m still holding on hope but I wanted to tentatively make a game plan on how to improve for next cycle just in case. I plan on applying to way more schools next cycle, including out of state, and also I will be focusing on schools that emphasize the last few credits (40-60) and that take a more holistic approach. I just want to see if anyone has any comments or recommendations on what to improve for the next cycle. I am involved with surgical procedures and work hands on with patients every shift at the ICU where I currently work so I believe I have good quality PCE and a good bit of hours that set me apart. Thank you for taking the time to hear me out and I appreciate any and all suggestions! Here are my stats: PCE ICU Cardiac Monitor Technician/Nurse Aide: 5300 Rehabilitation Technician (PT): 1600 Student Assistant Athletic Trainer: 960 Total PCE hours: 7860 Shadowing hours: 48 Research Research Assistant for a telemedicine project for patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Total Research hours: 300 Volunteer Volunteer Medical Assistant for three trips to Haiti (2010-2013): 240 Child Life Volunteer Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology: 120 Volunteer at Children’s House at Johns Hopkins: 80 Total volunteer hours: 440 Leadership Public Relations Chair (Phi Mu): 1300 hours Program Coordinator (After School Program/Compensated): 570 hours GPA cGPA: 3.08 sGPA: 2.84 **Post-grad GPA: 4.00 GRE (307) Quantitative: 150 (38%) Verbal: 157 (76%) Writing: 5.0 (92%)
  3. Thank you so much! I just found the page (https://www.shrs.pitt.edu/PAProgram/admission/interview-process) with more details and it looks like they sent out interview invites late August for their last scheduled round of interviews on Oct. 29th. I'll still keep hoping something comes through but good luck to everyone who is waiting and congrats to those who have been accepted!
  4. Does anyone know if they're doing one more round of late interviews by chance or is the class filled? I haven't been rejected but also haven't been offered an interview so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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