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  1. have the november interview invites been sent out yet? asking for a friend
  2. I was in the same boat. I definitely felt like I bombed some of the interview questions and felt like a lot of the people at my interview were wayyy more qualified than me. I walked out not expecting to be accepted/waitlisted at best and I was accepted Sept. 18th!! I think it’s natural to have self doubt after such a stressful experience. Keep your head up!
  3. Disclaimer: I just got accepted to PA school and am curious about whether or not my future will include a residency program. I was browsing through a list of available residency options and saw that there was an option to do a Transplant Surgery residency at Mayo in Arizona. I honestly didn't think PAs worked in transplant surgery so I'm interested in this! Can anyone speak more about this experience? On another side note, what's your general opinion of PA residencies? Worth the extra loans?
  4. hey guys, I recently had to change emails because the email I was originally using was tied to my university and they informed me they were deleting it since I am no longer a student there. I have since created a new email address and changed it on CASPA, as well as forwarded all my emails from my old address to my new one... however I can't help but be anxious that somehow schools are not going to be aware of my email change and I'm going to lose any emails they send to me? has anyone else dealt with this during this cycle?
  5. they give you about a week and a half, which is pretty standard for most schools i think!
  6. Hi, I didn't ask because I assumed they would not be able to provide me with that information. I submitted my application June 10th.
  7. Got a phone call! On the phone they said I should be getting an email shortly too, but I haven’t gotten one yet
  8. They informed us that the optional meet and greet session was from 6-8 pm on the 6th!
  9. Has anyone who was placed on the interview waitlist received an interview yet?
  10. Thank you! My application was submitted to CASPA on June 10th. Verified June 24th. Supplemental verified on August 5th.
  11. Just got an interview for September 19th!!! So excited. I have a long history with the Hershey Medical Center and I'm so grateful to be interviewing at a hospital I have so much respect for. Good luck to everyone applying!
  12. Hi! I emailed the program about this because I have also been waiting for a significant amount of time (submitted CASPA June 10, confirmation June 19). The person who emailed me back confirmed that my application was "still under review" and that I should hear back within the next "1 to 2 weeks". He also said if I do not hear back in the timeframe he mentioned to reach out to the program again, so I guess we'll see what happens! They also said it is normal to wait multiple months for an update due to the volume of applicants.
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