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  1. Hi! I emailed the program about this because I have also been waiting for a significant amount of time (submitted CASPA June 10, confirmation June 19). The person who emailed me back confirmed that my application was "still under review" and that I should hear back within the next "1 to 2 weeks". He also said if I do not hear back in the timeframe he mentioned to reach out to the program again, so I guess we'll see what happens! They also said it is normal to wait multiple months for an update due to the volume of applicants.
  2. I received the email that my application was "under review" on July 1st!
  3. Hi everyone!!! I just got invited for an interview on September 7th! Good luck to everyone applying!
  4. Hey guys, Looks like they moved this thread from the "schools under development" section to this section, so I figured I would start a new thread for the 2019-2020 applicants! I submitted my CASPA app on June 10th. Confirmation email received on June 18th. UTampa is not under rolling admissions. Best of luck to everyone applying this cycle!
  5. Hi everyone, For those of you on the interview waitlist, I emailed MWU about how many people were on the waitlist and this is the response I got: ”Hello, Thank you for your email and interest in our PA program. At this time there are over 150 applicants on the waitlist for interview. It is difficult to predict if applicants will be pulled from the waitlist since every cycle is different.” Not sure how to feel about this considering I was under the impression the interview waitlist would be a “positive” result
  6. Hi, does anyone know what we're supposed to do with the 10-digit ID? I tried to make a youSC account but it looks like thats only if you're applying to their undergraduate/graduate programs (not through CASPA or some other application service) so I'm confused about what the next steps are
  7. Honestly, I think waiting for the next application cycle might be in your best interest, as most schools have their deadlines coming up in early September. Unless your stats are amazing I would definitely wait! Waiting another year only gives you the opportunity to improve your overall application with additional PCE and maybe more classes to boost your GPA (if you need it). Plus you would be saving money in the unfortunate scenario that you apply to late this time around and have to end up reapplying next cycle. Better be safe than sorry!
  8. Hey guys! Has anyone else not heard back yet? I received the confirmation email from them on 6/18 and an email saying my file was ready for review on 6/19. I saw some of you received interviews/rejections already so I'm wondering if no news is good news?
  9. hey guys! i received an email from MWU saying i was placed on a waitlist for an interview. debating on whether this is better than a rejection or if its false hope. good luck to everyone who has interviews!
  10. Got a rejection from Arcadia on July 9th. Good luck everyone!
  11. When schools ask in their supplementals the question "Why did you choose to apply to our program specifically", have you guys just been highlighting general points of the program that you're interested in or are you giving more personal answers? These questions always have me stuck because I would be grateful to be accepted into any program, so I am not being very picky in program requirements when applying.
  12. My CASPA application was not yet verified as I submitted this and then recognized my error within 24 hours. I was able to edit every part of my application after they "undelivered" it to me, so if yours isn't verified yet I would consider calling their customer service to see how they can help!
  13. Does anyone know if the USC PA program has rolling admissions?
  14. Hi everyone. I am currently applying in the 2019-2020 application cycle. I have worked a little over 1,000 hours as a medical scribe before applying. My job as a medical scribe is about to end (it was a one year position), and I have the opportunity to move on as a medical scribe in a different specialty, however I make close to nothing as a scribe ($10 dollars an hour). I started looking for other job opportunities and found some openings as a Human Research Technologist for an academic hospital I live close to. This position pays more ($15), is full time, and has much more responsibility. Even though this position requires taking vital signs and directly involves interacting with the human subjects of the study, I’m worried this experience would not contribute adequately to my application. Anyone have any advice?
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